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At Dixon Power Systems we value high-quality.  That's why we use nothing but time-tested high quality equipment that has been proven in the field.  We design systems to last 25 years, so the equipment we use has to be up for the challenge.  The brand names above are just a few of our favorite.  Click on the logo to be directed to the manufacturer's website!

The Bergey Wind Power Excel Turbine

Proven Power

Bergey Wind Power is an established wind turbine manufacturer located in Norman, Oklahoma.  They've designed and built turbines for more than 30 years.  With limited moving parts and a simplified design, Bergey wind turbines have proven, through real time operation, the reliabilty and durability of their design.

  • Made in the USA

  • Tornado Tough

  • 23 foot rotor diameter

  • Available in 1 kW, 6 kW, and 10 kW sizes

  • Various tower configurations available

  • Contact us today to learn more​

Skystream 3.7

Service and Repair

Need Repairs?

Dixon Power Systems is  certified and experienced in Skystream service and repair.  Most services can be performed in one day but others may require two site visits.  Call us today and we'll get your turbine up and running in no time!  Services include:

  • Blade inspection for weather damage

  • Yaw bearing inspection and/or replacement

  • Check and re-torque blade bolts

  • Slip-ring brush repair

  • Level tower and re-torque tower bolts

  • Communication and monitoring assistance

The banner to the left is real time data monitoring the power output of a Bergey Excel 10 kW in rural Nebraska.  More information including voltage, current, and weather conditions can be monitored but are not displayed here.

Monitoring in Real TIme
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