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solar system and wind turbine in Nebraska


To provide you, our customer, with the greatest product experience, we offer a full range of services including consulting, project design, equipment purchase, installation, maintenance and education. You may choose to employ our services in part or in total.

System Design



Dixon Power Workshops
Bergey Excel 10kW maintenance
Details, Details, Details

With the experience and knowledge of Dixon Power Systems you can trust you'll be hiring the best solar installation professionals in the area.  We take critical steps to ensure your renewable energy system will last for years to come.  We can design a system from scratch or, if you've already designed a system yourself, we can review your design, answer any questions, and even assist you with ordering parts for your new renewable energy system.

Whistle while we work

Once you've made the decision to purchase a renewable energy system the process begins.  We'll establish a location for building, work with the local utility and electrician for inter-connection to the grid, apply for all neccesary permitting.  The typical installation usually takes a week or less.  After inspections for electrical and building departments are complete, the system can be safely operated and you'll start your energy savings!

It's a Breeze!

In the world of renewable energy, there is little maintenance to deal with.  Should maintenance be required, Dixon Power Systems will be there to perform all that is needed.  Maintenance on solar arrays is mostly limited to module cleaning and snow removal, with no moving parts there is no wear and tear from everyday operation.  Wind turbines have more moving parts and therefore do require annual inspections to address such maintenance requirements, but again, Dixon Power Systems will be on site to do just that.


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