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solar education cart dixon power systems

Check out some of our custom projects

Solar Educational Cart

At Dixon Power Systems we have worked closely with many customers to build renewable energy platforms specific for their desired needs.  For instance we built this versitle solar educational cart.  The purpose of the cart is for students to design a solar system based on specifics of an electrical load the student wishes to power.  The circuit is reviewed by an instructor competent in electrical design and safety.  Then the student can experiement with their circuit design at different voltages, array tilt angles, series and/or parallel circuits.  The system comes complete with batteries, 6 solar modules, multiple meters for monitoring amperage and AC/DC volts and watts and several 110 Vac outlets to power simple devices such as laptop and cell phone chargers.

We custom design and build wire guarding and management systems

Another aspect at Dixon Power Systems that sets us a part from other installers is our attention to detail.  We strive to make every component of your renewable energy system able to survive the test of time.  Our custom built wire guarding and management system can provide the proof to our commitment.  On the right you can see how our completed array features a sleek and almost elegant appeal from both the front and rear views.  Below you can see what you might get from an inexperienced or novice installer.  Just one more reason why Dixon Power Systems is the premier solar and small wind installer in


unprotected PV wire
Environmental Equipment Powered By the Sun!

In this custom project Jon designed and built a portable solar powered trailer.  The trailer is outfitted with a 48 Volt battery bank of 250 amphours capacity.  The batteries power a small air compressor to run up to 4 pnuematic pumps controlled by another custom designed switchboard.  The trailer is used to pump contaminants out of surrounding ground water in areas where access to electrical power is limited and generator power is less feasible.  The trailer features two CSUN 280 watt solar modules fixed to a collapsible racking system mounted on the top and side of the trailer.  It also features four manually operated outriggers for trailer stabilization on off-road terrain.  Below you can see detailed pictures of the inside of the trailer where the battery bank charge controller, batteries, and air compressor are all securely stored. 

See The Difference!

See the difference in aesthetic appeal between the pictures above and left?  Would you really want your solar array to have the electrical wiring exposed and un-managed?  Not only is it unsightly, but it's also a safety hazard when considering the ease of access to the potentially high voltage wires. Our wire cover system is: 


  • Made of high grade, .040" thick Aluminum

  • To be code compliant for wire guarding

  • Custom designed by Dixon Power Systems

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