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Water Pumping with Solar

Water Pumping for Agriculture or Livestock

If you're in the need of remote water pumping and the cost of trenching in the local utility is too expensive, then perhaps pumping with solar power is what you need.  Why pay to trench in the local utility when you'll have to pay for the operation of the pump and pay monthly meter fees?  With solar, the cost of the system is the only thing you pay.  No monthly meter service fees, no operation costs, and no long-distance trenching.  Call us today and see what Dixon Power Systems can do for you!

The project shown on this page is a stand-alone direct pumping system.  Meaning there's no batteries, no inverter, etc.  The solar array simply powers a DC pump and when the sun shines, water pumps.  Great for small irrigation or livestock applications!  To maximize the ability to pump throughout the day, the solar array is mounted on a passive tracking system.  No electricity is used to track the sun, a simple hydraluic system driven by oils when heated by sunlight is what moves the array. 

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