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small wind in Nebraska by Dixon Power Systems

Small Wind at

Prairie Hill Learning Center


At the Prairie Hill Learning Center, Dixon Power Systems installed a Bergey 10kW Excel wind turbine atop a 120 foot guyed tower.

The Foundation
The Turbine

The Bergey Excel 10kW

  • 10 kilowatt power output

  • 23 foot rotor diameter

  • 125 mph maximum wind speed

  • various models available for various applications

  • Industry high 10 year warranty



"The Bergey BWC Excel is a rugged and reliable small wind turbine that has been proven in hundreds of installations around the world.  It comes with the world's leading manufacturer of small wind turbines and is backed by the longest warranty in the industry.  Whether you want to reduce your electric bills at your home or power a critical load far from the power grid, the BWC Excel will deliver years of worry free power."

-Bergey Sales Team



The Tower

A large crane is used to lift and lower the 120 foot tall guyed tower shown above.  The turbine and tower are annually inspected by trained technicians who climb the tower for service.

Small Wind at University of Nebraska's Haskell Ag Lab

Evance 5kW Turbine


Dixon Power Systems installed two small wind turbines for the University of Nebraska in the north eastern part of the state.  Throughout the installation we faced many challenges but managed to complete the project with smiles on our faces.  The two wind turbines are part of an ongoing research study by graduate students of the University.  Sensors have been installed on the turbine and at the site to mointor wind speeds, surrounding noise levels, and vibrational loads on the turbine itself.



UNL Crop Watch: Bioenergy Video

Check out this timeline video showing the construction of the 5kW wind turbine at the University of Nebraska'a Haskell Agricultural Laboratory.  See everything from the foundation construction and turbine assembly to the first energy produced by the turbine itself.  We worked closely with the University to install the first Evance 5kW wind turbine in Nebraska.  The turbine features a passive pitch control system to reduce rotational forces during high wind conditions and an integrated dump load for excess electrical generation.

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