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After 17 years of owning an automotive repair shop, Jon Dixon needed a new challenge and had a growing interest in Renewable Energy. With the encouragement of his wife Holly, the business was launched. Dixon Power Systems began as a part-time business in the spring of 1999 and expanded to full time in January of 2005.

There was a surge in interest for renewable energy in the 70's and 80's due to state and federal rebates. But the movement didn't survive when the rebates ended. Twenty-five years later the interest has resurfaced. So we opened a store-front where people could learn about and purchase systems to create their own electricity. Our customers get involved in solar and wind generation projects because they are too far from utility power, they like the idea of some independence, backup power or they have an interest in the environment and wish to support the movement toward being less dependent on oil. Remember, energy independence starts with you!

Meet the Crew of Dixon Power Systems
​​Jon Dixon

President / Design, Installation, Technical Expertise


Opening Dixon Power Systems was a logical extension of Jon's automotive mechanical and electrical experience. He has the ability to look at each unique situation, considering all of the challenges and constraints of a project and to tailor systems that maximize efficiency, address environmental concerns, and are user friendly for the owner/operator.

Jon has a degree from Southeast Community College, Milford Nebraska. He has also attended classes taught by Mick Sagrillo of Sagrillo Power & Light, Richard Perez Owner/Publisher of Home Power Magazine and Chris LaForge of Great Northern Solar. Jon has had booths at local Earth Day Festivals, Home Builders Shows, attended the Midwest Renewable Energy Fair in Wisconsin, taught classes at Southeast Community College and Union College, and is a current board member of Nebraskans for Solar.

​​Holly Dixon

Vice-President / Business Manager, Marketing


At Dixon Power Systems Holly is involved in all aspects from day to day business management to project design and installation. "I enjoy the independence of owning our own business and helping customers create systems that work."

Holly has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln and extensive small business background. She grew up in a 'self employed' family and has continued that legacy. From wholesale photography and real estate to computer software and auto repair, her experience is very broad.

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