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At Dixon Power System we value high-quality.  That's why we use nothing but time-tested high quality equipment that has been proven in the field.  We design systems to last 25 years and longer, so the equipment we use has to be up for the challenge.  The brand names above are just a few of our favorites.  Click on the logo to be directed to the manufacturer's website!



The technology behind solar electricity or photovoltaics (PV for short) has been around for a long time.  In fact, in 1921 Albert Einstein was awarded the Nobel Peace prize for his studies on the photo electric effect.  The solar panel is the most visible component of a solar electric system.  It should be made of high quality materials, come with both a materials workmanship and power output warranty.  Most solar panels have a direct impact rating of a 1 inch hailstone traveling at 50 mph and hold up well in the severe weather we can have in Nebraska. 




An inverter is essentially the brains of a solar electric system.  Solar panels generate a DC power, what we use in our homes is AC power.  In order to use solar power in our homes, we must invert the DC power to AC Power. In simplest terms this is exactly what an inverter does. In addition to inverting power, inverters can also provide a means for monitoring the power generation and senses the utility grid for power outages as to not back feed utility lines and endanger utility line workers.

Raise the Roof

Solar racking is the physical hardware which secures the solar array.  Whether you mount a solar array on a roof top or directly on the ground, racking will be required to mount the solar modules.  At Dixon Power Systems, we use premium racking systems which have been engineered and proven to withstand the harsh weather and strong winds of Nebraska.  We comply with all local building and roofing codes for wind and snow loads to ensure your system is high quality and ready for 25 or more years of service. 

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