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At Dixon Power Systems, much like the work we offer, we value high-quality.  That's why we use nothing but time-tested high quality equipment that has been proven in the field.  We design systems to last 25 years, so the equipment we use has to be up for the challenge.  The brand names above are just a few of our favorite.  Click on the logo to be directed to the manufacturer's website!

Whole Home Generator

Generac whole home generators (stand-by generators) are the industry's leading.  They are affordable, powerful, and can operate for days.  If a weather or national emergency has you worried about powering your home, then a Generac generator might be right for you.  These generators sit quietly by your home waiting in case the local power grid fails.  If it does, the Generac generator will be there within seconds to ensure your home is operating as normal.

  • Variable sizes available

  • Automatic start and stop, even when you're not home

  • Fueled by either Liquid Propane or Natural Gas

  • Reliable winter kit available for colder climates

  • Air cooled models up to 22 kW power output

Portable Power

Honda Generators are a great way to provide temporary power.  Whether it's emergency power or recreational fun, Honda Generators are more than capable of stepping up to the task.  With a name like Honda, you know you'll get a high quality product from a widely known manufacturer.  At Dixon Power Systems, we can sell, service, or repair any Honda generator you may have, whether you purchased it from us or not! 

  • Great for Camping and tailgating

  • Lightweight but heavyduty

  • Fueled with gas or liquid propane

  • Safe and easy operation

  • Very quiet for gas operated generator

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