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The 30% federal investment tax credit is an incentive offered by the federal government. Citizens who purchase a renewable energy system are eligible for a tax credit (to off set their tax liability) of 30% of the installed cost of the system.  The tax credit was set to expire at the end of 2016 but Congress recently extended it again.  Click the logo to the left for more information. 

Are you a Lincoln Electric System customer?  If so, great news!  Lincoln Electric System offers a one-time capacity payment for installing a new solar electric system.  The payment amounts to $375 - $475 per kilowatt of solar installed.  Install 6 kilowatts of solar and get a check from LES for $2,250!  Click the logo to the right for more information.

Considering financing your new renewable energy system?  The Nebraska Energy Office (NEO) offers a low interest loan program for new renewable energy installations.  Most banks work with the NEO to offer a 2.5 - 5% interest rate over 10 years.  That's a pretty good deal when financing.  Click the logo to the left for more information.

The USDA rural development office offers grants for rural agriculture producers and small business.  This program, called the Rural Energy for America Program( REAP for short), can pay up to 25% of the installed cost of a renewable energy system.  In addition to grants, the REAP program also offers loans for up to 75% of the installed cost.  Click the logo to the right for more information.

Are you installing a solar array on a small business?  A solar array, when used at a business, is eligible for depreciation on your taxes.  That's right, install solar on a small business and not only do you get a 30% credit against your tax liability, but you can depreciate the cost of the system.   Those are tax savings you won't find anywhere else!  Click on the logo to the left for more information, and follow up with your accountant or financial advisor.

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